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You have earned your place in the Table Top Game industry with your knowledge and skills. Let Mythic Gaming provide you with additional opportunities to monetize your success while you focus on your talents.


Mythic Gaming offers business management and administrative services for the Table Top Game industry.  We have programs available for:




  • Content creators
  • Artists
  • Event Organizers
  • Local Game Stores (LGS)
  • Competitive players / Teams

Product Development & Fulfillment Program Management

Alter Sleeves, Playmats, Deck Boxes, Tokens, Dice, Pins, Outer Sleeves, Mat Bags, and Stickers. Envision your private label store with your artwork on these products marketed to qualified customers.  

Not an artist yourself? We can match you with the best artists in the industry, collaborate to create images that convey your message, build your store, outsource products, and fulfill orders with same-day worldwide shipping.  

Deck Boxes
Outer Sleeves

Autographed Product Services

Learn how you can increase sales volume and profits with autographed products.  We can plan and manage an ongoing program or unique items for special events, from foiled playmats and deck boxes to posters and framed prints.

Reward Fulfilment

Subscriber and Patreon Reward Programs

Our team will work with you to produce and administer a rewards program to grow and retain your subscriber and Patreon base.

Twitch Rewards
Patreon Rewards

Special Event

Event Gift Bags, Unique Attendee Rewards, and Prize Support

Level up your event with VIP gift bags and attendee rewards!  You are an event organizer and what to show your appreciation to special guests with VIP gifts. 


Giveaways, drawings, and prizes are significant draws for many event attendees.  Meet with our team to learn how you can turn these expenses into assets by handing the administration off to our staff.

Unique merchandise and rewards
Event gamification merchandise

Crowdfunding and Dropshipment

Crowdfunding Management

Crowdfunding programs are an excellent tool for many purposes. Do you have the time and skill to make it a success? Launching a Kickstarter round is just the beginning. Mythic Gaming can support your crowdfunding campaign, backer surveys, data management, pre-order tracking, add-on sales, payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer service.

Dropship / Forwarding / Fulfillment

You have a product line sitting in your apartment or garage. Don’t have space to store it or the time for packaging, shipping, and customer service. Mythic Gaming can professionally administer fulfillment management and shipping needs from our locations in Madison, Wisconsin, and Utrecht, in the Netherlands. We can offer a full line of customer service options.

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