Mythic Frames update

Delays, but the end is in sight!

Good news! Mythic Frames are nearing the completion of production. Unfortunately, this has been later than anticipated due to COVID delays reported by our partner in China. However the results we’ve seen are great, and we are so excited to get these into your hands.

Our production partner has told us they will ship the product to our distribution centres on 23rd September due to current outbound export delays from mainland China, after which, we will be finally shipping the Mythic Frames directly to you! At time of writing, this appears to be early October, and we shall keep you informed, either if that changes or if that remains accurate; we sincerely appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time of global supply chain disruption.

To make sure we ship your order as quickly as possible, please confirm your shipping address and preferred Mythic Frames set if you haven’t already.

For backers, you can follow the instructions found here

For people with pre-orders, you can change your shipping address here if needed.

We will be printing your mailing labels and the exclusive commander Alter Sleeves in preparation for prompt dispatch upon receiving the Mythic Frames from China, so please make sure you do this if you have not already.


As an apology for the unforeseen delays, we’d like to offer you a free Alter Sleeve! For those who don’t know what Alter Sleeves are, they are high quality alters printed on perfect fit inner sleeves.

To redeem your free Alter Sleeve, got to and make your selection from over 10,000 designs, using the single time use coupon code mythicsleeve. This coupon will also grant a 10% discount on any further Alter Sleeves you purchase.

Please note, the purchase must be made using the email address used to either back the Mythic Frames Kickstarter or in a Mythic Gaming pre-order.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact suppo[email protected], we will be happy to help