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About Mythic Frames


Alter Sleeves™ launched in 2019, offering a brand new concept: a global marketplace of print-to-order, customized perfect-fitting inner sleeves for Magic: The Gathering™. The most highly sought-after request continues to be more sleeves – an entire deck’s worth – at a reasonable price but with the same premium quality. Not one to ignore our fans, we’ve spent nearly a year researching, vetting, and stress-testing manufacturing partners, and today we’re excited to bring a commercial-scale printing solution to Magic: The Gathering™ players all over the world with the launch of: Mythic Frames.

What are Mythic Frames?

Mythic Frames brings our premium production sleeves together with stunning frame art on a massive scale giving players a professional, uniform enhancement to their entire deck. Mythic Frames features our patented inner sleeve printing of each design in three variations: Creature, Non-Creature, and Basic Land. Our dedicated teams of professional artists have designed their frames to work with nearly every era of Magic: The Gathering™ cards.

The Mythic Frames Kickstarter

Like Alter Sleeves, Mythic Frames was brought to life by a successful The Mythic Frames Kickstarter, with 1630 backers pledging over $160,000! You can check it out here.

When will Mythic Frames be available?

The Kickstarter has now finished, but pre-orders for Mythic Frames have opened! You can now order Mythic Frames below, so that you are one of the first to receive them when they ship in September.

Got more questions? Then check out the FAQ and updates from our Kickstarter: we answered a wide range of questions there. For anything else send us a message at support @

Example image of Mythic Frames
Credits: Aaron Miller and InklinCustoms

Pre-Order is now open!

Order now to be amongst the first to receive Mythic Frames. We aim to ship by September, which will include your rewards if you backed our Kickstarter.

If you pledged to the Kickstarter have not yet allocated your credits, you can do so by logging in using the email you pledged with. You will find instructions on the dashboard. For all other users, you can create a Mythic Gaming account during the checkout process; if you already have an Alter Sleeves account you can login using those details.