Pre-Order Mythic Frames Set


A set of Mythic Frames contains:

  • 1 x Land Mythic Frames (25 Sleeves)
  • 2 x Creature Mythic Frames pack (50 Sleeves)
  • 2 x Non-creature Mythic Frames pack (50 sleeves)

125 Mythic Frame sleeves in total: enough for your whole deck!

Item is currently in pre-order and you will be notified when it ships, early August.

Pre-Orders are now closed

Mythic Gaming products, such as Mythic Frames, will be available again soon


Commander is a format of big plays and ludicrous battles - so what better tribute to this than betentacled Kaiju vs Big Mech? A Neon skyline serves as the backdrop for the homage to cross over fights, and super-hero boss battles. After all, EDH is the ultimate mash up arena.